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Short review by Mark Foley, Technology Editor, ProductionHUB 

With the introduction of the Canon C700, Canon continues to step up their game and presence in the cinematic space. With a more ergonomic design (hand-held) the C700 has a lot going for it. Canon is clearly setting its sights on that elusive market that holds some pretty good competition such as the Panasonic Varicam LT, Sony F5, and the Arri Amira. The camera itself (like others) gives a nod to an elongated form that will lend itself well in different shooting scenarios.

Following the trend of a bigger form (body) to work with the C700 will fit in well with those shooters that wanted bigger. But as with any shoot, there are a lot of balancing acts going on. Ergonomics, cost, shooting styles and needs. As a shooter I applaud Canon going in this new direction. The C700 looks as though it will find its way well in the broadcast space as well as in the cinematic space such as long form or verite documentary work. As with all new model launches there is always room for improvement. Canon at some point with have to take a serious look at other recording (resolution) options and keep a sharp eye on pricing as a way to gain market share. While not inexpensive (list $28,000) with the C700, Canon has made a pretty bold statement that they have firmly thrown their hat into the ring. I always excited that shooters are given as many choices as possible to find the camera and set up that will work for them and their style of shooting. So, I am anxious to get the C700 and put it through its paces. But on first blush I couldn't be more impressed that Canon has weighed in with the C700.

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