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T. Shobhana, Vice President and Head, Global Marketing & Communications answers a few questions about what to expect from Prime Focus Technologies at IBC 2017. 

PH: What are you showcasing at IBC this year?

Shobhana: At IBC 2017, PFT will be showcasing the latest additions and upgrades to its flagship
product, CLEAR™ Media ERP. These include:

Work Order Management: Optimizing the way business processes are orchestrated, triggered, monitored and executed

CLEAR now offers end-to- end Work Order Management, pre-integrated with its Media Asset Management (MAM), workflow engine and video tools. Leveraging this, users can create work orders and assign tasks smartly to internal/external resources, based on pre-configured rules comprising a mix of skill, availability, cost and resource rating. They can also track every process, every task and every media deliverable in the content supply chain to closure using ONE system. Work Order Management brings extreme transparency across the content lifecycle and reduces manual effort drastically to help M&E enterprises increase operational efficiencies and lower Total Cost of Operations (TCOP).

DAX ® Production Cloud
ONE Software for Dailies and Post Workflows

Based on the patented DAX with Digital Dailies ® , DAX Production Cloud with native high resolution file support, vastly improves workflow efficiency by centralizing assets into a single repository which can be securely accessed by authorized stakeholders throughout the content lifecycle. It enables editorial, creative agencies, VFX and localization vendors – all stakeholders within the production supply chain to collaborate, service and distribute media, all on the same software. By enabling instant access to high-res content, in DNX, Pro Res and raw formats, directly from the set with the capability to create a multitude of formats for downstream promotional, marketing and publicity use cases from one system, DAX Production Cloud enhances production efficiencies like never before.

Promo Operations
End-to- end business process orchestration for promo creation including versioning automation

Promo Operations, a module of CLEAR Broadcast Cloud, offers a never before functionality to automate the entire promo operations workflow. This includes end-to-end work order administration, seamless integration with Broadcast Management Software (BMS), review & approval processes, post-production and hand-off for play-out along with a revolutionary versioning appliance that allows to ‘render’ promo versions for the creative automatically based on pre-configured versioning templates. It helps lower TCOP by reducing the number of edit systems and manpower used for promo versioning, enhances operational efficiencies and helps achieve faster Turnaround Time (TAT) through versioning automation.

Interoperable Master Format (IMF)
World’s first IMF Media Player for playback over streaming proxy

IMF support within CLEAR includes the world’s first IMF Player that provides the ability to preview, playback, review and distribute over a streaming proxy a Composition Playlist (CPL) with all its essences including video, audio and captions. This enables collaboration and decision making in the workflow using proxies without having to necessarily access the original IMF package in high-res each time a CPL has to be played back. It helps lower TCOP by reducing the cost of storage, re-mastering and QC and helps enhance efficiencies by automating and simplifying distribution servicing.

Mastering Automation
An efficient and cost effective solution for domestic and international syndication

CLEAR’s Mastering Automation solution makes domestic and international syndication across linear and non-linear platforms more efficient and cost-effective, thanks to automation by leveraging CLEAR Compliance Data Model, Caption Re-timing feature and Profanity Check tool for compliance auto QC for captions & subtitles. It helps lower TCOP by reducing the cycle time and editorial effort used for mastering, making distribution to multiple geographies and/or airlines a whole lot easier.

PH: Any particular themes you think will occur at the show?

Shobhana: Many of last year’s show technology trends were focused around high resolutions like 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range). SaaS (Software as a Service) and OTT were key  talking points. I think these will continue to be in the spotlight, along with customized solutions and workflow tools to manage high resolution content operations. As Interoperable Master Format (IMF) is fast gaining popularity, innovative software ready to handle IMF content exchange will be an important trend to look out for at IBC 2017. We also expect new-age, Cloud-based MAM (media asset management) systems to be in the limelight, as these go way beyond traditional media management within a facility, and play a critical role in helping enterprises drive leaner operations across global sites. In addition, automation is sure to be a major buzzword, as innovations in technology now offer new possibilities in automating tasks that were earlier performed manually.

PH: What's "hot" right now that you think will make a big impact at the show?

Shobhana: Solutions with Work Order Management are likely to make a major impact at the event, as this is now emerging as the key for M&E enterprises to enhance efficiencies, improve quality and maintain on-time delivery alongside increase in scale. With due date based process and task monitoring dashboards, data analytics and reporting, Work Order Management is all set to become next ‘big thing’ in the M&E tech landscape. Centralization is also top of mind, especially in the arena of MAM. Solutions which offer ONE MAM for the enterprise across geographies, departments and businesses are likely to grab eyeballs, as these can bring content to the center of the business, unify the various departments, vendors, and distributors, foster collaboration across the supply chain and drive down cost.

PH: How is your company reinventing itself at the show this year?

Shobhana: CLEAR has recently undergone several exciting upgrades and changes. Each of its power-packed modules now offers a host of brand new, transformational solutions that automate the content supply chain - right from content creation, to transformation and distribution, and all the way to content exhibition and archiving. With Promo Versioning automation, work order management, mastering automation and many such extreme digitization features, CLEAR is a one-of- a-kind technology that offers lower TCOP than the next best alternative – a whopping 30-40% less. At IBC 2017, we will be showcasing CLEAR in its latest avatar, demonstrating how it helps broadcasters, studios, brands, sports and digital businesses drive creative enablement, enhance ecosystem efficiencies, reduce TCOP and realize new monetization opportunities.

PH: Where can people find more information about you?

Shobhana: More information about our company is available at

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