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Wohler Showcases Complete iAM™ Series range of Extendable Monitoring Solutions at IBC

Craig Newbury, Vice President of Sales at Wohler discusses Wohler's complete iAM™ series range of extendable monitoring solutions at IBC in our exclusive pre-IBC interview.

Q What are you most excited to see at IBC 2016?

A I am excited to see how our peers and partners in the industry will continue their evolution toward new networking technologies. Although I’m most excited to see customers (of course) and learning about their specific challenges as they either bridge toward or fully migrate to brand new ways of delivering higher quality content to their customers.

Q What new products/services is your company showcasing this year?

A Wohler will be showcasing the complete iAM™ Series range of extendable monitoring solutions, all of which provide a true platform for monitoring signals of all types both old and new, including SDI, AES67, Dante, MPEG2/4 and SMTPE2022 in a range of new ways, such as remotely in our browser-based UI and via 3rd party software using our API. We will also be highlighting a couple of new products at incredible price points for customers who want Wohler-class quality that is also easy to afford.

Q What are some upcoming/popular trends from the world of broadcast and content creation that you think might make a big impact at the show?

A IP is clearly a technology that is driving change and many of the conversations we are having with our customers today are about taking their monitoring solution into this domain. As the business of broadcast changes, our customers want to use Wohler monitoring tools to quantify signal quality/integrity and capture signal metrics to drive improvements in their value chain. I think the biggest impact at the show will be from the exhibitors who can bring clarity, rather than greater confusion, to the industries forward path.

Q Any events you're particularly excited about attending/throwing at the show? Which ones?

A As each year passes I get more and more excited about bedtimes (but still not before the obligatory evenings/early mornings out in one of the most fun cities in the world).

Q How do you constantly reinvent yourself at IBC each year?

A We don’t! Wohler is very well respected in the field of signal monitoring and correction, and over the last 30 years our brand has become synonymous with quality without compromise. We would rather evolve than reinvent, growing upon our heritage and core competencies to bring smarter and increasingly more relevant solutions to market.

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