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Linear Acoustic & Minnetonka Audio Introduce Television Solutions Group for the Telos Alliance at IBC

Chris Shaw, Vice President of Global Sales, Linear Acoustic addresses both Linear Acoustic and Minnetonka Audio in our latest IBC interview.

Q What are you most excited to see at IBC 2016?

A IBC provides an annual interface with international dealers and end-users to listen and understand the specific challenges and needs that are unique to specific regions. We can supplement post-IBC with regular visits to these countries and respond to lessons learned. IBC also offers a shop window displaying technologies being developed and introduced to provide a variety of solutions to meet the needs of today’s TV broadcast industry. We, in turn, can demonstrate developments and services within Linear Acoustic, Minnetonka Audio and the Telos Alliance. Meeting, speaking, listening and learning from industry professionals has immeasurable value. This year, there will be many new products and technologies supporting the transition to IP, and the growth of 4K 3G SDI equipment. The adoption of AES67, the standard for interoperability between various IP-based audio systems (RAVENNA, Livewire, and Dante), will be significant in the future technologies being developed within the Telos Alliance.

Q What new products/services is your company showcasing this year?

A At IBC 2016, we will be introducing the formation of a new Television Solutions Group for the Telos Alliance. This group will provide product, services and solutions across the Linear Acoustic, Minnetonka Audio and Telos range for applications within the television broadcast industry. Utilizing years’ of experience and knowledge, and a wide range of equipment available within the Telos Alliance, the Television Solutions Group can create end-to-end solutions for broadcasters. Linear Acoustic will also be introducing APTO™ technology, APTO.file™ and™, offering a single toolkit that will exactly achieve the goals that high-quality audio deserves throughout the whole broadcast chain, from production to playout, and ultimately to the viewer. Linear Acoustic APTO includes both file-based and real-time processing that allows the content owner, the distributor or the broadcaster to pursue adaption of any content, anytime, and in any operational scenario to provide the viewer with the ultimate listening experience. It supports mono to 7.1 audio formats and implements ALL international loudness recommendations, including dialog-based normalization. In support of ATSC 3.0, Linear Acoustic is partnering with Verance Corporation to provide VP1, the worlds’ first-screen ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) to be available exclusively in the AERO.2000 and AERO.100 TV audio processors. The inclusion of VERANCE VP1 watermarking within the Linear Acoustic real-time loudness processors, enables TV broadcasters to deploy many attractive ATSC 3.0 services before the entire next-generation television standard receives final approval from the Advanced Television Systems Committee and FCC authorization.

Q What are some upcoming/popular trends from the world of broadcast and content creation that you think might make a big impact at the show?

A The transition to IP is going to be major. In addition, the growth of 4K 3G SDI is going to be predominant, especially as this format is being increasingly implemented in the world of sports broadcast. ATSC 3.0 is no longer a suggestion or proposal, it is becoming a reality. By next IBC, there will be many manufacturers providing product to meet this reality.

Q How do you constantly reinvent yourself at IBC each year?

A It is never a challenge to reinvent ones’ self for IBC each year, especially when working with a dynamic company that is always looking to the future and staying ahead of technology. The television broadcast industry is always in transition. Staying educated and ahead of each transition is vital for any company.

Q How are you planning to make this year's IBC the best yet?

A With the introduction of new product technology and services, it is vital that we reach out to our dealers and end-users and inform them, in advance, of the exciting news and developments to be demonstrated at IBC. Quality of visitors to the Linear Acoustic, Minnetonka Audio (Television Solutions Group) stand at IBC, will result in the best yet.

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