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Anton/Bauer Talks Engaging New & Existing Customers at IBC 2016

Andrew Butler, Product Management, Anton/Bauer answers a few questions about what the company is excited to see, trends, and how reinvent themselves each year.

Q What are you most excited to see at IBC 2016?

A It’s always exciting to see new products form the major camera manufacturers, but sometime the most exciting discoveries are from smaller companies who have enabled a new way of doing things or tools for creativity.

Q What new products/services is your company showcasing this year?

A 2016 is an R&D year for Anton Bauer, we have several major products in development but they are not quite ready for the show. We do have a few new accessory products and brackets for all the major new cameras as well as firmware updates for the chargers all of which will help battery owners / shooters get the most from their shooting kit.

Q What are some upcoming/popular trends from the world of broadcast and content creation that you think might make a big impact at the show?

A Automation continues to be theme in Broadcast and obviously higher resolutions (4k, 8k…) are always present Despite this, my feeling is the last few major shows have lacked any very strong technology or workflow trends, I think the broadcast industry is currently focused on understanding it’s long term revenue model and perhaps technology is taking something of a back seat until that understanding is reached. One element of the revenue model issue I do expect to see at the show is a great presence from telcos and non-traditional broadcasters such as Amazon & Netflix.

Q Any events you're particularly excited about attending/throwing at the show? Which ones?

A I always attend the IABM breakfast, they have great speakers and the topics discussed often direct me into finding some interesting things during the rest of the show.

Q How do you constantly reinvent yourself at IBC each year?

A Despite having worked within the Vitec group for 12 years, and having attended IBC for pretty much all of those, I don’t think I’ve been to the show twice with the same objectives. Our industry has experienced a huge amount of technical and commercial change over the last 10 years and constant reinvention is absolutely necessary to continue to be relevant.

Q How are you planning to make this year's IBC the best yet?

A We will be engaging existing and new customers more actively than ever before, not just to show off and explaining the value in what we have in our portfolio now but also to get as deep an understanding as possible of where we should be going in the future. IBC offers an almost unique opportunity to talk to 100’s of end users in a few days. What we learn in those 4-5 days will have a direct influence on the products we develop.

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