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Schneider Optics Shows off 18mm Wide Angle Lens, New MPTV Filters & More at IBC

Director of Sales and Marketing, Photo/Video Schneider Optics, Inc., Don Schafer, talks about the much anticipated 18mm Wide Angle lens, new MPTV filters and more at IBC.

Q What are you most excited to see at IBC 2016?

A Camera-makers have a habit of surprising IBC attendees with new 4K full-frame (36mm x 24mm) cameras. We can’t wait to pair these cameras with our Schneider-Kreuznach full-format family of Xenon FF-Prime lenses.

Q What new products/services is your company showcasing this year?

A We’ve added the much anticipated 18mm Wide Angle lens to our range of our Schneider-Kreuznach full-frame family of FF-Prime lenses that already includes: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm focal lengths. All lenses in the range share the same form-factor and barrel rotation, making quick lens changes a snap. Plus, we’ll be sharing our new MPTV filters because its our philosophy that front of the lens filters in acquisition are the best way to empower the DoP to get the look they are after without waiting until it gets scrambled in post. So we came up with the first 1-Stop Circular Polarizer that provides polarizing magnitudes better than older 1-Stop linear pols. With the 1-Stop Circular Pol, glare and reflections are minimized while increasing color saturation, minus any of the inconsistencies of the linears. Plus we are adding a new 2.4 (8-stop) version of our Emmy®-winning Platinum IRND filter line that limits the light striking the camera’s CCD or CMOS imager to the visible spectrum, while dramatically reducing IR spillage. Additionally we have expanded our ND filter line, that’s a favorite of many DoPs. And our True-Streak® effects filter line is becoming a go-to tool for lots of effects, from getting that anamorphic flair across the frame to our new Stars and Confettis. Star filters come in clear and red/white/blue versions with 4, 5, or 6 points, in a variety of colors. Confetti’s create mini-streaks that appear as a sparkle or fireworks effect as the filter is rotated.

Q What are some upcoming/popular trends from the world of broadcast and content creation that you think might make a big impact at the show?

A Following on from the excitement created at NAB over HDR (high dynamic range) 4K camera capabilities, we think the production community will upgrade their cameras and lenses to deliver even more spectacular looking content.

Q Any events you're particularly excited about attending/throwing at the show? Which ones?

A Every day of this show is an event filled with the latest gear and thought and technology leaders walking the floor and staying after the show to catch up with friends and colleagues. There is just no other show like it, and of course Amsterdam puts everyone in a good mood.

Q How do you constantly reinvent yourself at IBC each year?

A Of course Schneider-Kreuznach is a storied name in the optical trade, founded over a hundred years ago. But we keep ourselves young by listening to our customers and constantly innovating. This IBC will be no different.

Q How are you planning to make this year's IBC the best yet?

A I just plan to keep my ear to the ground and listen to as many folks using our products as I can. You never know who might tell us about a new trend or idea that can lead to a new problem solving lens or filter. If it wasn’t for the shooter’s feedback from the field we couldn’t do our job right.

Q Anything else you'd like to add?

A From what we hear, this will be the biggest IBC ever and we are very excited to be a part of it. We are sure other exhibiters share our excitement.

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