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Miller Camera Support Has Two Projects in the Pipeline... Stay Tuned

Charles Montesin, Marketing Manager, Miller Camera Support Equipment talks a little about the 2017 IBC show.

Q What are you showcasing at IBC this year?

A Miller Camera Support will be showcasing a range of professional fluid heads and tripods offered to the film and television industry. New for IBC will be the Skyline 90 Fluid Head, which is designed to meet the stringent and rigorous standards presented by challenging environments and condition of Outside Broadcast (OB). The Skyline 90 supports payloads of up to 165 lbs. (75 kg.) and features robust all-alloy construction. We'll also be demonstrating a range of additional fluid heads, including the arrow X , Compass, DS and AIR series.

Q Any particular themes you think will occur at the show?

A With the growth of viewing streaming video and viewing of terrestrial broadcasting declining, terrestrial broadcasters who depend on advertising revenue are finding it more difficult to make a profit. Most are already broadcasting on-line as they see this as the way to the future. The question is, how long will terrestrial broadcasting be around for.

Q What's "hot" right now that you think will make a big impact at the show?

A 4k and HDR will remain the key topics. 4k TVs remain very expensive however, so uptake will be minimal until the price of them comes down. 5G is being discussed in C-Tech Forum. 5G, when it becomes a reality, is likely to have a greater impact on our lives than 4K and HDR. 5G is worth keeping an eye on.

Q Any specific events/booths you're excited to visit?

A We're excited to attend the 5G forum Saturday, September 16.

Q How is your company reinventing itself at the show this year?

A We’re working towards some new innovations with two projects in the pipeline. More will be revealed.

Q Where can people find more information about you?

A The latest information and announcements can be found at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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