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BB&S Lighting Talks Force 7 Ellipsoidal Light Engine at IBC 2017

Peter Plesner, Owner/founder BB&S Lighting, answers a few questions about the upcoming IBC show.

Q What are you showcasing at IBC this year?

A Our extremely color accurate Remote Phosphor LED lighting is still a major focus for BB&S lighting, and this year we have several new form factors of our Pipeline series, from multiple size and shaped banks, to individual Pipes from 4” up to 4’. At IBC we are unveiling the Force 7 Ellipsoidal Light Engine. Noted for small yet powerful point sources of light, ellipsoidals are the most controllable fixtures in a TV lighting designers and gaffers inventory. So when an ellipsoidal is updated with an LED light engine, it’s critical that perfect focus, crisp gobo projection and clean straight cuts with shutters, are still characteristics of the light. The Force 7 delivers the output of a tungsten ellipsoidal with an amazing 97 CRI using the latest state-of-the-art chip technology while drawing just 180W at maximum output, in either 3000K or 5600K versions.

Q Any particular themes you think will occur at the show?

A I think people in television and cine production are always interested in small form-factor lights that are color accurate and emit a lot of light while using very little power. Our product line is dedicated exactly to that end.

Q What's "hot" right now that you think will make a big impact at the show?

A Robotic cameras and control systems synced with metadata systems are the “new black” as the bare backbone of intelligent broadcast studios today. BB&S is involved in making these intelligent studios functional by integrating smart control solutions that will interface with the robotics as well as control of incoming daylight.

Q Any specific events/booths you're excited to visit?

A Electric Friends in hall 11.B28 are showing the latest state-of- art robotic cameras.

Q How is your company reinventing itself at the show this year?

A I like to think we are refining our product line to suit the times. Of course our lights are popular with filmmakers and gaffers, but lately we have been extremely busy outfitting television studios with our highly efficient lights throughout the world. It turns out looks matter, especially on big HD home screens.

Q Where can people find more information about you?

A and

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