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Quantum's StorNext 6 Makes IBC Debut

Dave Frederick, Quantum's Senior Director of Media and Entertainment, talks about StorNext 6's debut at IBC and more.

Q What are you showcasing at IBC this year?

A Quantum has quite a large number of offerings both new to IBC and the industry. This will be the IBC debut of StorNext 6, the latest version of the industry’s most popular data management system. StorNext 6 includes not only enhancements to performance and data management, but also new collaborative capabilities to link systems and users worldwide. That’s only the start. We’re unveiling Xcellis Foundation, a new, low cost configuration of the award winning workflow storage system that is perfectly sized for smaller workgroups and organization without sacrificing the performance and scalability for which Xcellis is known. Plus, we have two new partner solutions focused on data intelligence based on Data Frameworks’ ClarityNow and Veritone’s AIware. These products provide an intelligent and automated approach to managing capacity usage and mining metadata from on-premise content using AI engines.

Q Any particular themes you think will occur at the show?

A In terms of storage, I think we’ll see a continued concern about storage performance, but at the same time, there will be a renewed interest in managing data into lower cost tiers of storage. As companies move to 4K, they will discover that they no longer have the ability to keep all their content in expensive, high-performance primary storage. They must have a way to move aging content intelligently and automatically to lower-cost tiers like Object, Tape, and Cloud storage while maintaining access and visibility. It does you no good to move content if it breaks your workflow.

Q What's "hot" right now that you think will make a big impact at the show?

A As we saw with NAB, AI will be a big thing. Many companies in the entertainment industry don’t have enough knowledge about the content they store. This can mean a huge loss of potential monetization. Quantum’s solution is to partner with the AI leader, Veritone, to bring the power of AI engines to libraries on the ground that are too big or too private to be uploaded for processing.

Q How is your company reinventing itself at the show this year?

A I hope that the industry doesn’t expect companies to reinvent themselves every year. That said, we believe that customers are looking for much more than just storage capacity and we are continuing our focus on providing new levels of data management and pushing further into integrated content intelligence.

Q Where can people find more information about you?


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