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Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group at IBC 2017

Martin Dyster, Vice President, Business Development, Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group discusses trends to watch out for and what to expect form them at IBC 2017.

Q What are you showcasing at IBC this year?

A Our main focus continues to be on leading the migration of television to Audio over IP. Radio has been enjoying its advantages for years, and the benefits absolutely translate to TV in products like AERO.soft which merges real-time DTV loudness management with AoIP. There’s also Linear Acoustic AMS, the first authoring and monitoring solution for the ATSC 3.0 standard in the U.S. but which also serves as a platform for any number of global Next Generation Audio technologies. But the real star of the show is something we can’t talk about just yet. Let’s just say it uses AoIP in a whole new way and will turn an entire product category on its head. Beyond that, you’ll have to wait for opening day of the show!

Q Any particular themes you think will occur at the show?

A I think there will be a lot of focus on media over IP in general, both audio and video, due in no small part to AIMS and SMPTE 2110. That’s going to simplify things for manufacturers, system integrators, and end users alike. The fact that AES67 is an integral part of SMPTE 2110 also affirms the value of Telos Alliance’s Livewire+ AES67 protocol, which contributed so much of its DNA to the AES67 standard.

Q What's "hot" right now that you think will make a big impact at the show?

A The concept of interoperability between solutions from different vendors. The ability to for an integrator or customer to solve a problem or improve something about their product or service by mixing and matching just the right products from an array of manufacturers is a win for everyone.

Q Any specific events/booths you're excited to visit?

A Any and all of the booths and vendors in the interoperability zone. Of course there’s still competition which is always a healthy thing but seeing those companies reveal their unique solutions under an collaborative standard is very exciting.

Q How is your company reinventing itself at the show this year?

A Our radio and television brands are back together again this year in a single shared Telos Alliance booth. This really drives home the point that AoIP is equally at home in both mediums. For example, our Axia AoIP consoles, Telos Alliance xNodes, and Telos VX phone systems have been staples in radio stations for years, but they’re equally at home in a television station or production facility. Likewise, Minnetonka has long been the go-to industry source for audio production tools and plug-ins, so it makes perfect sense to avail things like our Omnia.9 audio processing to the production community. This year’s booth is truly a one stop destination for radio, television, and production customers alike.

Q Where can people find more information about you?

A On the web at

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