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Leitz Focuses on Leitz Thalias and the Leitz M 0.8 lenses at IBC 2018

Seth Emmons, Director of Communications for Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH, talks about the Leitz Thalias and the Leitz M 0.8 lenses at the IBC 2018 show and more.

Q What are you showcasing at IBC this year?

A One of the big things we’re showing off is our new name. In June we rebranded from CW Sonderoptic to Leitz. Ernst Leitz Wetzlar is the historic company name that produced all Leica products until the company was renamed Leica in 1986. By adopting the Leitz name for our company and products we are paying homage to the strong heritage of innovation and creativity that it represents. Product-wise we’ll be focusing on our full frame lens options, the Leitz Thalias and the Leitz M 0.8 lenses. Both lenses cover the full frame/vistavision formats with the Thalias going even larger. And both offer unique looks completely different from each other but both have the classic skin tones and color rendition that create the natural image our lenses are known for.

Q What trends are you looking forward to exploring more at IBC?

A In the world of lenses and cameras the larger format world is still the main focus of development for most companies. If there are any new products in that world we’ll be checking those out, but our primary focus is feedback from the community and providing education about the creative benefits of working with larger format cameras and lenses.

Q How do you approach each IBC show? How are you constantly evolving?

A The evolution of IBC in recent years has been increased attendance by B2B customers and fewer end users. Although both groups are looking at the same product, they’re looking at it in different ways, so we prepare to answer the specific questions that are of interest to each segment.

Q What are you most looking forward to?

A One of the best parts of IBC is meeting clients that us Americans don’t get to see as much and hearing perspectives from all over the world. The adoption of different formats and processes in China is different from the Middle East which is different from Western Europe. For us it's a wonderful opportunity to look at the global picture and talk about trends.

Q What do hope everyone will be talking about after the show?

A Us, of course. :) But primarily we hope that everyone comes away from our stand with a better understanding of the opportunities and workability of cameras and lenses in larger formats.

Q How are you prepping for IBC?

A We are refining our educational material and content that we use in our conversations about larger formats. There are quite a few technical hurdles that newcomers to the format have to overcome. Primarily there is the change in relative focal length when using larger sensors that capture more of what a lens is putting out and thereby gives the lens a wider angle of view than what DPs and directors are used to in the Super 35 world. There is also a change to the relative depth of field when shooting larger formats that is an adjustment for some. They find themselves shooting at a deeper stop with the same focal length on smaller sensors. We have some great material to illustrate and break this down for creatives.

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