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Vionlabs’ newly launched Content Discovery Platform wins Best of Show at IBC2019
Stockholm, Sweden, 19 September, 2019 – Vionlabs, announces that its game-changing AI-powered Content Discovery Platform has won a TVB Europe Best of Show award at IBC2019. The IBC Best of Show awards are organized by Future Publishing and celebrate innovation and excellence in media and entertainment technologies launched over the past year from the 1,700 exhibiting companies at this annual broadcast and video trade show.

The win recognizes the market impact of the Vionlabs content discovery platform as an outstanding user experience tool. Today’s consumers are spending 25% or more of screen-time looking for something to watch. Vionlabs created its content discovery platform to solve this market challenge and provide consumers with hyper-personalized recommendations and boost user engagement. The Vionlabs content discovery platform uses AI and machine learning to analyze each video in great detail and combine this with the viewer’s watch-history.

“Making our public debut at IBC has been a hugely exciting time for us, and we are honored to receive a Best of Show award just a few months after launching our content discovery platform,” says Marcus Bergström, CEO, Vionlabs. “The award is further validation of that our AI-powered content discovery platform is solving an issue that frustrates consumers on a daily basis through revolutionizing content discovery.”

Innovation in content discovery

The Vionlabs content discovery platform analyzes each video in great detail and combines this with the viewer’s watch-history. Vionlabs has trained multiple AI engines to measure variables in the video, such as well as colors, pace, audio and many more variables to produce a fingerprint timeline throughout the content. The AI compares each fingerprint with every other fingerprint to accurately measure similarities between all assets in a video library.

The AI engine learns what matters and how changes in these fingerprint timelines are connected to what content individual viewers enjoy. Knowing similarities between content is vital, but it’s not enough on its own. Vionlabs has also trained an AI engine to analyze a viewer’s watch-history. Finally, it has an AI engine that takes the outputs of the other AI engines to provide the most accurate content discovery platform.

The Vionlabs platform is already being used by content service providers to deliver the right content at the right time and has resulted in significant uplift in VOD buy-rates and engagement.

About Vionlabs

Vionlabs was founded to solve the issue of online video viewers spending 25% or more of screen time looking for something they want to watch. It does this through the development of a highly innovative AI, that combines multi-layered deep content analysis and the consumers watch-history to provide the industry’s most advanced content discovery platform. This platform is designed for linear TV, catch-up, streaming, all flavors of VoD and is made available to video operators through a cloud-based SaaS model. To find out more about how Vionlabs is revolutionizing content discovery, please visit:

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