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An interview from the 2016 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Dave Frederick of Quantum. Quantum is a global expert in workflow-optimized storage technologies and solutions. Quantum StorNext 5, the industry's leading collaborative content production and archive platform, provides a unique combination of performance, low-cost capacity and easy access for content creators and owners, ranging from the smallest post houses to the largest media brands in the world.

In this interview Dave talks with us about feature enhancements to its StorNext(R)-powered Xcellis(TM) and Lattus(R) storage solutions that bring greater efficiency and flexibility to diverse media workflows while reducing overall costs. In this interview Dave explains how Xcellis workflow storage now supports animation/VFX and editorial within a single shared environment and also optimizes technology deployments by running media workflow applications within a converged architecture. In addition, the company will demonstrate content transcoding and delivery directly from Lattus object storage.

For Streamlining Animation/VFX and Editorial Workflows, Quantum showcased its new reference architecture that allows users to maintain storage for an expanding range of media processes and departments -- animation/VFX, color grading and high-resolution editorial -- within a single shared environment that supplies the type and degree of connectivity required across the end-to-end workflow. Built on Xcellis workflow storage, the architecture incorporates QXS(TM) hybrid flash-disk storage with Q-Tier technology, providing animators, VFX artists and colorists with the random I/O performance they need for a fraction of the cost of an all-flash solution. Because Quantum's StorNext-powered solutions are already certified with leading applications -- including the Autodesk suite, Adobe suite, and animation management tools such as Shotgun -- facilities can seamlessly integrate the new reference architecture into existing environments.

Building on its rich partner ecosystem, Quantum has collaborated with a growing number of partners to introduce embedded applications for Xcellis that address tasks such as media asset management, transcoding and quality control, provisioning resources in an exceptionally efficient on-demand model. A virtual machine hypervisor within the Xcellis storage system executes embedded applications, reducing the need for dedicated application servers while also providing a flexible foundation for future technologies and workflows.

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