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An interview from the 2016 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Laura Loredo of Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Analyst Thomas M. Coughlin at the LTO Program Booth. Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology was developed jointly by Certance (now Quantum), Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and IBM in 1998 to provide a clear and viable choice in an increasingly complex array of tape storage options.

The three companies set out to develop an “open format” technology so that users would have multiple sources of product and media. Each offered expert knowledge of customer needs and complementary technology that provided for delivery of a best-of-breed technology and promotes a strong foundation for data interchange. The collaboration ensured that other companies could participate in the tape industry opportunity through the open licensing process. The result was Linear Tape-Open Technology. In this interview Laura talks with Thomas about the benefits of LTO Technology and more.

T. M. Coughlin, the founder of Coughlin Associates has over 30 years of magnetic recording engineering and engineering management experience at companies developing flexible tapes and floppy disc storage as well as rigid disks at such companies as Polaroid, Seagate Technology, Maxtor, Micropolis, Nashua Computer Products, Ampex and SyQuest.

Tom has an extensive engineering background in magnetic heads and media as well as integration of these and other technologies into hard disk drives. He was responsible as an individual contributor as well as a high level engineering and corporate manager for design of magnetic storage systems for many generations of hard disk drives at Ampex, Syquest, Seagate, Maxtor and Micropolis. He has been involved in due diligence and quality analysis of hard disk drive manufacturing facilities, provided failure analysis services on digital storage products, worked on factory yield improvements and provided expert witness work on hard disk drive and storage systems. He is an author on 6 US patents. Tom has provided marketing, intellectual property and technology assessments and projections. His clients include companies such as Avid, LSI, Network Appliance, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Seagate Technology, The Woodside Fund, Quantum and many others.

LTO technology has been utilized in enterprise-wide data protection that accommodates a range of tape storage requirements from single server to complex networked environments for fast performance and high-capacity needs to address service level agreements and data protection.
Today, the LTO Program continues to build on more than a decade of success and seven generations of LTO technology. LTO tape is as popular as ever, with more than 225 million LTO cartridges and more than 4.4 million drives shipped since its introduction.

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