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An interview from the 2016 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Paul Isaacs of Sound Devices. Sound Devices, LLC, designs both Sound Devices audio products and Video Devices video products. Sound Devices offers portable audio mixers, digital audio recorders and related equipment for feature film, episodic television, documentary, newsgathering, live-event, and acoustical test and measurement applications. Video Devices offers digital video recorders, monitors and related products, which address a range of video productions, including fast-paced studio applications, live sports and events, as well as mobile, TV, film and documentary productions. In this interview Paul introduces Wingman, its newest wireless remote control option for the 6-Series mixer/recorder line.

Wingman is an iOS-based application that, when paired with the new WM-Connect Bluetooth® Smart USB accessory, lets users start and stop audio recordings, enter and edit metadata, as well as arm, disarm, and rename tracks. It also gives users touch-screen access to manage sound report information, create sound reports on the mixer, and the ability to email those sound reports (.csv files) directly from an iPhone or iPad.

Wingman requires the WM-Connect hardware accessory to enable control of the 6-Series mixer/recorder line. It is a small, Bluetooth Smart USB dongle that easily inserts into the USB-B port of the mixer, via one of the included USB A-to-B adapters. For cart-based workflows, the accessory may also be inserted into the keyboard port of an attached CL-12 linear fader controller.

When multiple 6-Series mixers are on set and equipped with a WM-Connect, Wingman will display all available devices within range. Users may easily and efficiently switch connection from one mixer to another from within the app.

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