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An interview from the 2016 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Will Waters of NewTek. NewTek is transforming the way people create network-style television content and share it with the world. From sporting events, Web-based talk shows, live entertainment, classrooms, and corporate communications—to virtually any venue where people want to capture and publish live video, we give our customers the power to grow their audiences, brands and businesses, faster than ever before. In this interview Will talks with us about The NewTek IP Series, a transformative video ecosystem for interconnected production that transcends conventional workflows by leveraging innovative NDI™ technology and modular architecture to form a scalable production network where legacy and contemporary technologies coexist seamlessly, and video, audio, and data are shared between systems and locations across a simplified infrastructure.

The NewTek™ IP Series Video Mix Engine is the heart of the modern video ecosystem and the nucleus of interconnected production workflows. Powered by NewTek’s industry-leading, software-driven live production technology, the Video Mix Engine is where the systems, devices, software and sources in your workflow converge for mixing, compositing, and delivery. Supporting scalable, live video switching of 64 source channels, including 44 simultaneous external inputs and flexible, multi-destination delivery with 44 multi-format video outputs, along with the most real-time, integrated capabilities of any production engine, the Video Mix Engine presents limitless possibilities and opportunities for hybrid SDI/IP or exclusively IP production.

The NewTek™ IP Series 4-Stripe Control Panel is the core of your real-time video operations, the tactile interface that connects you to the systems, devices, software, and sources that form your interconnected production environment. Meticulously crafted for performance and style, it combines the comprehensive functionality, precision controls, premium hardware mechanics, and ergonomic design that operators demand with the visually arresting aesthetic that executives covet. Paired with the Video Mix Engine over your network, the 4-Stripe Control Panel delivers consummate control of the modern video ecosystem and enables operators to approach even the most demanding productions with absolute confidence.

The NewTek™ IP Series Studio Input Module is a flexible extension of your studio, facility, and pipeline, bridging production locations across your network infrastructure, while introducing additional input sources to your workflow. A modular production system supporting multi-channel input translation to NDI™, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, the Studio Input Module enables seamless expansion of your production environment by making SDI and IP sources available to every compatible destination connected to your network. With this scalable, shared access to sites and sources, you can plan, structure and configure productions according to your vision, and broaden the scope of your coverage like never before.

The NewTek™ IP Series Studio Output Module is a multi-channel, multi-format video delivery hub enabling output of more video to more destinations and monetization of more streams of content. Residing on your network, the Studio Output Module serves as the interface between the mix, source and overlay signals in your interconnected production workflow, and the SDI transmission systems and displays that comprise your broadcast and live viewing experience. With a scalable, modular architecture supporting systematic expansion of output capacity and strategic deployment of delivery points, it enables you maximize the value and multiply the returns from every production.

The MDS™ is revolutionary real-time media encoding and live streaming video delivery platform merging NewTek’s industry-leading live production technology with the powerful, proven Wowza Streaming Engine™. A fully integrated hardware and software solution combining effortless enterprise deployment with a comprehensive, standalone transmission workflow, the MDS is the first turnkey production system enabling local and global media distribution. Establishing a direct link between the producer and the viewer, the MDS allows users to launch their own multi-channel content networks, and enables productions, presentations, and live events to be seen by anyone, anywhere, on any device—directly from the control room, studio or production site.

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