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An interview from the 2017 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Paul Turner of Scality. Scality is a world leader in object and cloud storage, that delivers cost-effective software-defined solutions, including Scality RING and the open-source Scality Zenko multi-cloud data controller. Scality solutions perfectly serve Global 2000 Enterprise, media, finance, manufacturing, government, and cloud provider markets. In this interview Paul talks with us about Scality RING7 software-defined object storage and Scality Zenko open source multi-cloud data controller, both tuned to exceed the industry’s toughest storage requirements for Media Asset Management (MAM), multi-CDN origin server, active archive for production, video transcoding, and video on demand and cloud DVR.

Appliance-inspired, Scality RING7 multi-site scale-out filesystem and object storage solution, brings peace of mind to security-focused organizations once leery of the public cloud. Companies can leverage vast scalability benefits, confident that essential data will be preserved, securely encrypted, disaster proof, and highly available. Scality RING7 significantly enriches Scality’s distributed scale-out filesystem, allowing concurrent user access across sites as well as parallel writers to increase throughput. It also seamlessly unites the disparate worlds of file and object data, enabling users to access the same data from file or object protocols.

The open source Scality Zenko Multi-cloud Data Controller is free to use and embed into developer applications, opening a new world of multi-cloud storage for developers. Zenko provides a unified interface based on a proven implementation of the Amazon S3 API across clouds. This allows any cloud to be addressed with the same API and access layer, while storing information in their respective native formats.

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