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An interview from the 2018 International Broadcast Convention in Amsterdam with Jakob Ballinger of The Light Bridge. The Light Bridge made its IBC debut with the CRLS (Cine Reflect Lighting System), a revolutionary way of painting with light and shadow that pairs proprietary high efficiency reflectors with an optimized source to produce a concentrated natural looking beam of light that’s easier to control and modulate.

Integral to the system are The Light Bridge’s proprietary flat and smoothly polished, wrinkle-free, brushed aluminum CRLS C-Reflectors. They reflect up to 97% of the light hitting them, with 100% color rendering. Available in 5 sizes: 7×7 cm, 15×15 cm, 25×25 cm, 50×50 cm, and 100×100 cm, they eliminate spill light, which cuts the need for frames or flags.

CRLS offers 4 different levels of reflectivity ranging from minimum to maximum diffusion. Inspired by a ray of sunlight, Black Punch Diffusion 1 is used to redirect light from one C-Reflector to another and forms a hard circular ray of light. Inspired by the light that is emitted from a natural sky, Sky Blue Diffusion 2 provides directed diffused light with a punch and offers a medium circular ray of diffused light. On the other hand, Ambient Violet Diffusion 3 is reminiscent of a misty day and delivers a softer circular diffused ray.

IBC marks the worldwide introduction of the newest CRLS Reflector, Super White Diffusion 4.

Made of a highly diffuse, extremely reflective micro structured optical material, Super White sets a new standard for energy efficient, controlled diffused light. With 20 percent more reflectivity than its predecessor, Super White has a higher light intensity over the full surface it is illuminating with 98% total light reflection and only 2% loss! This results in very even light distribution, a softer look, and more wrap – ideal for beauty close ups, fill light, or surfaces that benefit from very even light distribution.

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