Agile Content Shares True Glass-to-Glass Media Production and Distribution Solutions at IBC

Johan Bolin, Chief Business Officer, Media and Broadcast at Agile Content shares what he and the team at Agile Content are excited to share at IBC Show 2023.

Tell us a little about your Agile Content.
Agile Content is the leading specialist of television and video services with a true passion for technology and innovation. As a provider of cloud applications and services, we help organizations effectively build or transform TV and video businesses to successfully meet the needs and expectations of their audiences with on-line and on-demand services.
The Future of Movement with Motion Impossible at IBC

Rob Drewett, CEO and Co-founder of Motion Impossible shares how MI is putting robotics in the hands of creatives - and what to expect at IBC.

Tell us a little about Motion Impossible.
Motion Impossible (MI) is a technology company that makes impossible camera moves possible. Our production-proven camera dolly and stabilisation solutions provide a tangible extension of the imagination, enabling filmmakers to capture impractical or improbable shots regardless of the location. Our solutions are used across a variety of applications, from film, television, sports, VR, broadcast and studio, empowering and adding value to people’s roles, rather than autonomising them. Motion Impossible is a company with roots in natural history filmmaking and our products are a result of my personal desire to create diverse shots that would enable me to get up-close-and-personal with animals and their unique ways of moving, without disturbing. They’re agile, versatile, widely accessible, and crucial for upskilling if you want to stay ahead of the competition when creating cutting-edge camera moves.
Zeroing in on Memnon at IBC 2023

Heidi Shakespeare, CEO, Memnon shares what to expect at IBC this year.

Tell us a little about Memnon.
Memnon exists to help preserve the stories, historical moments and cultural treasures that are at risk of being lost forever because they currently only exist on fragile, deteriorating media formats. We are passionate about ensuring as much of the content treasure trove of the last 100 years of film and television lives on for future generations to enjoy and benefit from. Our expertise lies in carefully handling these at-risk media assets and processing them into a file-based format that is safe from the ravages of time. The nuts and bolts of our work are VTRs, obsolete tape decks, software-driven orchestration systems and complex media workflows – but the soul of what we do is embedded in the stories that we are able to help uncover, and recover.
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