Mark Davies, Director of Products & Technology at TSL Products talks about the 2019 IBC Show.

TSL Products Highlights the Next Stages in the IP Story at IBC 2019
What are you showcasing at IBC this year?
For TSL Products, meeting the needs of our customers remains paramount, which is why we always work hand in hand with them to design and deliver solutions that meet their immediate requirements and ongoing needs. With the industry transition to IP gaining momentum, TSL continues to design products and solutions that support both traditional and IP infrastructures and workflows. At IBC 2019, TSL will be highlighting the next stages in our IP story, including IP for device control and control systems, as well as our approach to NMOS. We will also be demonstrating the latest developments on our advanced control offering, highlighting new functionality across applications, and how powerful interfaces can ease the pains that broadcasters are currently experiencing due to the ongoing shift in technology and workflow. Lastly, we will be showcasing the latest updates to our audio monitoring range, including control functionality for the PAM-IP and new engineering modes for the SAM-Q platform.
What trends are you looking forward to exploring more at IBC?
From working with our customers on ST-2110 POCs, greenfield sites and new IP-based OB trucks, it is clear that the move to IP is asking as many questions for our customers as it is answering. The focus is shifting to the new control paradigm and the challenges this presents, particularly around interoperability. The industry will come to rely on new standards that allow for device discovery and registration, device connection and management, as well as event and tally management. In response to this, we have been working with many others as part of the AMWA NMOS initiative, using our in-depth knowledge of IP and system control to conduct research on how we could provide a user-focused experience within our own products, and also through interoperability with third party kits.
How do you approach each IBC show? How are you constantly evolving?
It absolutely starts with the customer. Whilst IBC provides a great opportunity to launch new products, more importantly, it provides the opportunity to meet with tier one customers and key partners to gain their feedback on our future-looking platforms and technology. As a business that is immersed in a history of R&D, we are only interested in delivering solutions that our customers need, not just now, but in the future. For this year’s show, we are busy booking meetings and gearing up our thought leadership so that we can continue to have these vital discussions.
What are you most looking forward to?
Learning as much as we can from our customers, visitors and other exhibitors, so that we can continue to progress our roadmap. The next year is going to be very exciting for us, so it will be great to get under the hood on some of these ideas. Also, we are excited to work alongside our new team members from the United States at IBC this year. As a result of our acquisition of DNF Controls back in April, we are pleased to welcome such intelligent people to the growing TSL team. Customers will have the opportunity to really delve into the challenges they are facing, and find out more about how the new expanded control systems offering can help them.
What do you hope everyone will be talking about after the show?
The next stage in industry developments, such as the further embedment of IP, the outcomes of the IP Showcase and AMWA demonstrations, as well as technological advancements in virtualization and AI. Also, it would be great to see the industry discuss sustainability and security in more depth.
How are you prepping for IBC?
We have been reading all the press releases, white papers and presentation available so that we are armed with the most up to date knowledge at IBC 2019. Also, we are building a full technical schematic of the stand in our warehouse and we are busy testing the kit in line with our strategy.
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
This is a very exciting time to be heavily involved in R&D. Things are rapidly changing in the industry, and we hope that our customers are confident coming to us with questions, knowing that we have the knowledge and experience to help guide them through these changing times.
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