We recently spoke with Dave Colantuoni, VP of Product Management, Video & Media at Avid, about what to expect from Avid at the upcoming IBC 2022 Show.

Showcasing the Future with Avid at IBC 2022
Tell us a little about Avid.
At Avid, we like to think people who create media for a living become greater creators with Avid’s award-winning technology solutions. Essentially, we help them make, manage and monetize powerful video and audio content – whether it be movies and binge-worthy TV series, network news and sports, or recorded music and the live stage. More than 30 years ago we brought nonlinear digital video editing to the world. Now, we have individual artists, creative teams and organizations everywhere subscribing to our powerful tools, collaborating securely in the cloud. But innovation is in our DNA, and that means we never stop re-imagining the many ways editors, producers, journalists, musicians and other content creators can bring their stories to life.
What will you be showcasing at IBC this year?
We’re here to show our customers the future. Whether they’re in TV news or film post production, they consistently tell us they want better tools for collaborative, remote working. So, we’re here to let rip our innovation… to answer the media community’s call to expand on cloud-based collaboration workflows – all built around subscription technologies, from editing to storage to project management. If you were at IBC before the pandemic, visiting the Avid stand, you would’ve seen a ton of hardware. This time will be very different. Everything - including production tools, platforms and storage - is now delivered through virtualization or the cloud. On our stand, we’ll show how to take remote working so much further - through a series of tech previews and the chance to catch a demo of some of our newly introduced solutions.
What are you most looking forward to at the show?
After such a hiatus, we’re finally looking forward to seeing and interacting with more customers again - in person. But even during the pandemic, despite not being able to meet them in person, the pace of engagement with our customers and the community did not slow down. We were able to produce virtual tradeshows and the Avid Community Association and Voice of the Customer events. Now back at IBC, we’re looking forward to having those full honest discussions that help drive our innovation and introduce them to what we have been up to.
What trends do you think will be present at IBC?
Our deep engagement across the global media community proves that remote collaboration and building workflows with the cloud is hands-down the biggest trend underpinning our customers’ world at the moment. With virtual teams distributed across different geographies, remote working is now a mainstay in media production, no matter what size your organization. We’re primed to show our latest wave of tools to help our customers navigate this even further forward.
What are some of the things you're looking forward to seeing most at IBC?
It’s going to be fascinating to see the impact of Avid unfolding across our partners’ stands too. We have a very large ecosystem of partners, with many featuring their work with Avid at IBC this year. The work we’ve been doing to ensure customers have the benefit of our platform keeps bringing more partners into the fold, and with it, a new wave of high-impact interop and solutions. And of course, I’m also looking forward to meeting friends, customers and partners, many of whom I have not seen in person for three years. It’s going to be an amazing show.
Where can we keep up with you (website, social, etc.)?
We’re everywhere in conversation with the media community on social media. We have more than 50 social handles specializing in areas like video editing, news production and live events. These are exciting places to hear from our very passionate customers. We also encourage everyone to join the ACA - the Avid Community Association - where media professionals from all walks and from all levels of their careers to come together and help solve for the most pressing issues we’re all facing today in technology, creativity, careers and education. You can, of course, discover your possibilities at www.avid.com.
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